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Watch My Training

GoPro will put you "right in the mix", capturing my training as I prepare for the tough daily rides to cycle to Phoenix, AZ, site of the 2015 NACF Meeting. Check it out!

Follow My Training

Garmin will let you see my progress, as I cycle the 2,000 miles to raise awareness in cities and towns along the way.

How can you help?

Help Raise Awareness

Join the team! Be a member by sharing this information with a friend or co-worker. Be a member by "Following or Liking Us". Be a member by sharing your personal experience. Or be a member by making a donation. 100% of every donation - yes, 100% - goes to support today's needs of people with CF and their families.

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Thanks To Those Helping With The Journey !


More news

The Challenge

It's not going to be easy, and some mornings will be tougher than others. But that's the point. I want people to understand that "my daily challenges on this ride" pail in comparison to the daily challenges of those affected with cystic fibrosis. And I hope, through this heightened awareness, you will become a supporter. 100% of everything raised as I cycle - that's 100% of every donation - will go directly to the patients and families affected by this disease.